Ted London – The Last of the Old School Professionals

About Ted London

I was born 1937 in Twickenham. Which is a large suburban town 10 miles (16 km) southwest of central London. These days I mainly put my feet up, with Joanie (my Wife) charged with making the tea. Oh, I also supply a few easy bets for young Grey Samuels.

In 1955 I got the 'Full Set Honour' as my father George London used to call it. The 'Full Set' meant I had officially been to every race course in the UK and my attendance at Hurst Park that day, was a significant moment. From that point, it was clear that betting to win on a full time basis was going to be my vocation in life. I developed the experience and know how that was passed on to me by my father.

In 1981 they shut down Stockton race course and it was never quite apparent to me why my fortunes got even better, year on year after that. Stockton was the last classic old racecourse to become defunct and maybe it somehow signaled the beginning of a new era. Like all era's they end or change eventually, and over the past 10 years the era of the 'Betting Exchange' is upon us. There has actually never been a better time to make your racing pay.

Last year I decided to put a little document together advocating the method I have successfully employed in beating the Book for the past 50 years – namely, the engagement of a flexible series of bets which meet most race market circumstances. These are similar lines upon which many professionals for over 100 years have relied and implemented daily.

That book and product was called Win Dominator.

I am proud of Win Dominator, it contains some of the essential knowledge, craft and skills that have comprised the bedrock of my day to day betting since that day at Hurst Park in 1955. You can find Win Dominator in another part of this site!

The Ted 'Special' Bets

We back the BSP Favourite to win in all the races I indicate.

Any Exceptions?

If the favourites are flip flopping or there is a potential clash between the ISP favourite and the BSP favourite we simply back them both. This is quite rare and even more rare than that, is there being 3 or more horses at the head of the market vying for the favourites position. However, if you cannot split them - it's safer to back them all. This will happen in less than 2% of races.

The Staking

I started out with my Ted Specials on January 15th and my bank was £200.

You have two options with me and the option upon which all the site results are based is the Bet To Win Staking Plan. This is known as Pro Staking with The Staking Machine which you can find in the Focus section of this website.

Here are the Club Bank settings with The Staking Machine, but you can experiment and use your own if you want:

  • Target Per Bet: 0.5% (I am currently playing Ted for 1% per series)
  • Divisor: 2.5
  • Pro Staking Selected

In addition, you have my Profit & Arrears Plan which is a simple but effective, professional technique for recording and staking a series of bets. This is available in it's own post on my page.

Anything Else?

Also available is my Forecast & SP Favourite Plan, this gives you a very smart option for including forecast favourites along with the live market favourite. In addition, I give a technique for playing them in doubles and trebles. On a good day, these can show phenomenal returns.

The Golden Ratio

Ted Talks About His Current Bets & Strategy

Bright & Breezy!

Now then, when I began to work with BTW Plan via TSM it dawned on me that an old tactic of mine was ideally suited to the staking progression and could be tailored to suit the comfort index of an individual member.

Super Eighty Nine will not clash with any of my Specials, though there are bound to be alignments with other Guru bets.

This won't be a bad thing, as it will enable a further element of 'cross checking' for any members using The MGrid to hook out well tipped plays in particular races.

In addition, it will give any members following my Club a further raft of bets to work with!

Ted: The 10 Step Staking Credo

  • Make A Profit
  • Defend It
  • Attack Only If In Debit
  • Use A Defensive Strategy To Mount Attack
  • Minimised Debit Is Better Than Extinction
  • Compound Your Gains
  • Be Methodical & Consistent
  • Keep Your Nerve
  • Write It All Down
  • Pay Yourself

Obviously, Ted is a highly skilled and experienced betting professional.

You can learn to be the same!

Let's look at the two bets provided in the roster each day:

Ted's Special

As we have established over time, the Special seeks to back the Favourite at BSP to win the race

Working his bets is totally logical and really the easiest thing in the World to master.

Ted Special's Multi Horse Guidelines:

  • If the strike rate needs boosting, I think around 40% is in need of a boost
  • Joint favourites at ISP
  • Flip flopping favourites
  • 3 clear at head of market
  • If 3 or more virtual joint favs take them all, but use 1.2 as absolute minimum
  • If strike rate doesn’t need boosting choose the ones that are backed in to reduce to 2
  • BSP & ISP fav different – back them both

It's hard to get an exact science on this you know, for every player has a different 'comfort index'. However, the Special played as Win Only is an important part of this profit mix as often we can get prized winners at 3.5 or maybe a tad more to boost our bank building.

Super Eighty Nine

The bet is an extension of my Ted Specials - it is just that we will almost never take the Favourite as 'win only'.

Super Eighty Nine reverses the model of the Ted Special and instructs you to actively group selections at the top of the market in the indicated races 'to odds'.

What is 'grouping to odds?'

You are looking to strike bets of 1.5 - sometimes they may go a little lower and sometimes the odds may be a little higher.

Generally you are going to be playing T3D's, BMD's and the occasional T4D when the odds allow. Obviously, if there is a short price favourite it may not be possible to group another horse in the bet. You will need to make a judgement on the odds and the live market at that time.

What settings on TSM?

I will be using 0.5% per series with a Divisor of 2.5 and all results will be based on this.

How do I select the races?

A combination of the Matrix algorithms in Win Dominator are employed, along with a particular Field, Profit & Market scoring within the Win Dominator Prediction Room.


The strike rate for the Special & S89 bets, using the protocols as mentioned above will hover between 60 & 70% so you will get the odd occasion where debits are grouped together, but overall the winning 'patterns' are very favourable!

This makes for an enjoyably profitable engagement with a good chunk of the racing day.

Ted London

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