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Grey Samuel’s Bet To Win Subscription Service Is Not A Purchase

It Is A Very Shrewd Investment…

What if I told you that … Winning Is Not That Difficult?

What if I told you that … Winning is EASIER than Losing?

What if I told you that by spending a few minutes each day, learning something new..


How do you feel about the prospect of Winning Easily and building a life changing income stream for a few minutes work a day?

On Bet To Win right now and available right away to ALL subscribers at is the most PHENOMENAL VALUE welded with hard nosed and proven profit generating action, ever made available to ordinary punters and the general public.

Honest players at every level who are interested in finally moving into horse race betting profits can PRESS COLLECT NOW.

In seconds you can be accessing information and expert assistance that will revolutionize the way you bet and the financial returns YOU BANK in your daily betting action.

Why Delay?

Just Say…
‘Yes Grey, I’ll Take It..

 “Bet To Win Generates Consistent Winning Plays. It Works For Any Style Of Betting…”

Grey and his team of Guru Experts will reveal an Aladdin’s Cave of methods that will move you into consistent daily profit!!

WARNING Forget mind numbing stupid
“systems” that plain don’t work…”

This Is So New And Easy, It WILL Shock You!

If you’re struggling to make money with your betting – Bet To Win is what you need right now.

Read every single word below because this thing will really change your life…




My name is Grey Samuels.

Just imagine you could find a betting methodology that enabled you to to completely transform your financial situation.

Just imagine that you could use it every day and on over 300 evenings a year too..

Just imagine you had a complete range of betting techniques that would meet every possible set of circumstances….. and turn them into winning runs.

Just imagine you had access to a methodology that directed you to the meetings, the races, the horses and the exact type of bets you need to place.. to make whatever financial targets you need to set yourself..

Just Imagine waking up every morning and seeing your betting bank balance getting bigger and bigger …. and bigger..

I won’t just teach you how to win – I will teach you how not to lose.

Have you been looking for a way of fast tracking into awesome profit?

I’m about to demonstrate why I am the real deal and why from this very moment your betting fortunes are about to change dramatically.

If you bet on the horses, I’m about to give you the final piece of the jigsaw.

Bet To Win is the most awesome development in horse race betting for over 30 years! I am proud of this site and the people I work with.

Are you looking for a winning strategy?

Well here it is! Build confidence into your betting, working alongside a trustworthy professional, his team of experts and a proven strategy to take your betting to the next level.

The Profit Zone I call it!

Even if you have zero previous experience…

What I’m about to show you delivers Life Changing Benefits at the flick of a switch and for very little extra effort

I do it every day and you can too, right alongside me and my team here at Bet To Win

This is what you don’t need ok:

  • Expertise – all the expertise you need, you will gain from this product
  • Experience – all the experience you need you will gain her
  • Start Up Capital – you can start out for as little as the price of a meal in your favourite restaurant
  • Give Up Hours Of Time – you can work around your own schedule as you create the life you want
  • Wait more than 24hrs For A Return – You can be winning on the first afternoon

When I launched Bet To Win, I wasn’t sure how the betting community were going to respond, but over two thousand satisfied customers later and a long list of glowing testimonials, well now I am sure.

Everyday people just like you are using my service to build big profits.

If you join up with me, Grey Samuels, and work alongside my hand picked, friendly, professional team, you will never need to buy another ‘Foolproof’ internet betting system again.

So, are you still looking for a betting strategy that wins? ….

In the same way you stumbled across this page, just imagine stumbling across a

FRESH new approach that no one else had ever heard about…

Just imagine a betting method that could turn £20 into £500 or even £981 every day, 362 days a year.

Think about having a selection of different betting strategies that would meet any set of race circumstances and turn them into winning runs.

Consider enjoying  access to an “idiot proof” method and software that directed you to the meetings, the races and the horses you need to be betting on, to make the critical daily profits you need to change your life.

I set up this service with integrity to help fellow punters get into profitability quickly and consistently.

You will see that I am not a faceless charlatan hiding behind an internet scam website who doesn’t even put his own money where his mouth is.

I am the REAL DEAL!!

There is a lot of rubbish out there as I’m sure you already know,  Bet To Win is different.

Let me be very clear – I put my own money down and bank the profits every day and I’m going to show you exactly how I do it and be there with you every step of the way.

No matter what style of betting you prefer, be sure to keep reading this page and see how Bet To Win can help change your life.

This is my story in brief:

13 years ago I was looking to get out of my day job, just like you are now probably.

These days I make a handsome living every month from the major UK betting Exchanges, through successful betting with my methodology.

And… I completely ignore conventional betting systems!

YOU can easily do the same, simply by following me.

Here is how:

All those 13 years ago I was stuck in a good job with good pay and a top of the range Company Car, trying to sell a service I didn’t like for a Company I didn’t believe in.

So I spent my spare time and a lot of work time, researching horse race betting for a living.

I have probably the biggest systems and historical betting publications library in the country.

Started with just small bets..

I was winning some but losing a bit more..

Soon I started to spot patterns that I meticulously recorded every day…

Then I started placing different types of bets based on these “patterns”…

I started to see wins… regular winning runs built up day after day..
In fact, I started to see winners everywhere (and almost no losers!)…
I knew I had accidentally found “something” special…

Back then I had stumbled into the Promised Land and spotted simple patterns that no one else was teaching. Patterns so powerful they are still un-discovered in most betting circles.

The next step was to spend all my savings on the best software programmer I could find to automate the number crunching; all the patterns and stats that were central to my method began generating large profits for my bank account. And yes, I found the very best!

The software became a reality; I called it The Machine.

Then The Machine had two baby’s:

  • The Profit Monitor
  • Win Dominator

Now, let me ask you a direct question…

Does any of this sound familiar?

In the past you’ve come across some “incredible system” that promises the earth, big profits, no effort etc. You spend your hard earned cash and get your copy…

It turns out it’s just a tired rehash of information that has been circulating for years. You spend money on it and find that not only does it not work that well, but it doesn’t even suit your own style.

Some winners, some losers and a whole lot of frustration.

No one there to even help you along the way.

That’s exactly why it’s so important to find a style of betting that suits you.

From a service with a Leader & Mentor, that will be there for you every single day.

“Bet To Win Generates Consistent Winning Plays

Simple as that …”

So how about I show you something unique and groundbreaking, which will compliment any style of betting you like and then sky rocket your profitability?

To launch your betting into life changing profit you need access to a method, tools and expert day to day guidance that can fast track your progress.

A set up that you can have access to in just 3 clicks of a mouse.  Every minute of the day, from anywhere in the world.

I’m talking about Bet To Win, my team of Guru Experts and The Machine.

Together they represent the Crown Jewels of Horse Race Betting.

A pot of gold that is endless and there for the taking day-in-day-out.

Remember I invested the last of my savings on the best computer programmer I could find and got her to build me this set up.

What I spent 13 years successfully developing enabled me to give up the day job a long time ago.

I became a very successful betting professional.

Plus, I love the game! It’s not just about money to me.

I created the lifestyle I wanted and now with Bet To Win I am going to share every single thing I have learned with you.

Your success is my success – just say ‘Yes, I’ll take it’

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What I’ve created really is that powerful!

It is unique, totally groundbreaking and it can do the same for you that it has done for me.

Remember this phrase:

“What are you waiting for?”

If you truly long for betting success and creating the lifestyle you want:

Bet To Win isn’t an optional add-on; it’s the launch-pad for EVERYTHING!

You have NOTHING to lose by coming on board with me and my team here at Bet To Win.

You have EVERYTHING to gain by being bold and trusting me to help you!


The techniques and daily strategy here at Bet To Win has not only been used by us but has been tested by various Beta testers for the last few months. It is absolutely GUARANTEED to make you consistent winnings. Test it out!

This really is an opportunity to get involved in something BIG.

A FRESH new approach that no one else even knows about…

As I write at the beginning of 2013, there are already plans afoot for superb new additions to the service – which for members who join now, will come as standard.

I’m offering you this membership card to an elite and successful betting expert who brings in the profits each and every day. It really is that simple.

Do you want to be able to make money whenever you feel like it?

As you read this now, there is somebody who has bought this system and will make back the money they pay for it within ten minutes.

I don’t give you a money back guarantee, but I will glady refund anybody who can demonstrate that the selections and advice provided, hasn’t performed as outlined! 

The product can be accessed INSTANTLY no matter what time of day or from where you purchase the moment your order completes.

Bet To Win has all been tested on a genuine student base, most of whom were 100% newcomers to betting.

It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s intelligent, the results are swift, the service is truly excellent .. the rewards in building your personal esteem are high ..

Plus, the profits are potentially HUGE and ongoing each and every day

AND .. it is a live and kicking service manned by a decent, friendly and skilled team, available to help YOU – 24/7/365 – How Good Is That?

You can get access to a suite of of tools, face to face tutor videos and state of the art betting techniques that I and my team, use ourselves, both day and night, every single day.

Being part of my team is also a lot of fun!

We give you the BETS and the Strategy and you Bank The Profits.

My techniques enabled me to give up the day job, and create the lifestyle I want.

Now I want to give something back, to all the people that are starting out in betting and provide them a blueprint for success.

It’s as simple as that.

What I’ve created really is that powerful.

Totally Genuine. And Totally For Real.

It can do the same for you that it has done for me and countless other members.

Myself and my team will be there personally alongside you every single step of the way.

I set this service up with integrity, in order give something back to people that start out just like I did 13 years ago.

Full of dreams to change their lives through successful betting, but who want to avoid the disappointment of failure.

People who wish they could find a genuine way of building an extra income stream and transform the quality of life for themselves and their family..

What I have put together here will give you a personal armoury of betting skills, tools and knowledge you can use anywhere and any time, to make as much money as your bankroll will stand.

For that is exactly what I did, prior to setting up this service. I made a lot of money through betting professionally and successfully.

Bet To Win isn’t a purchase, it is a shrewd investment.

So why don’t you give me a try?

And just say ‘Yes Grey, I’ll take it’


So what exactly is the Grey Samuels Bet To Win Subscription Service ?

Grey Samuels Subscription service with Bet To Win is a platform to make your betting pay and enable your move into profit.

Moreover, it is a live and kicking 24/7/365 service that is continually being improved and added to.

Staking ratio guidelines and a suggested daily target that grows with your bank, builds discipline and organisation into your betting campaign.

A series of complementary race analysis procedures aligned with an array of betting techniques are blended as a group or used on an individual basis. In a relatively short space of time you will be poised to begin the profitable interpretation of any horse race betting market.

When the series of procedures and techniques are combined together, you create a powerful, unified strategy which builds optimum coherence into your daily betting.

So What do you get with a Grey Samuels Subscription?

You Get The Crown Jewels Of Horse Race Betting!!!

Why Delay?

Just Say…


‘Yes Grey, I’ll Take It..

Now Let’s Get Cracking!!!’

What Do You Get??

Things you don’t need to worry about:

Let’s Run Through & Breakdown The Absolutely Staggering Value Available To You Here Item By Gold Plated Item!

Bet To Win – The Complete Product Suite

Core Product – The Machine:

( you do not need a degree in Physics to use this )

  • Every UK horse race covered
  • 24/7 updating
  • Printable Daily Racing Grid Version
  • Interactive Dashboard & Portal to essential daily racing information
  • Individual Race Scores & Profile Summary
  • Selections in seconds
  • Introduction Manual pdf.


  • The Basic Method pdf.
  • Racing Card Grid
  • Staking Plan
  • Record Keeping Toolkit
  • Dutch Value Index ( DVI ) Chart
  • Odds Converter
  • Win Methods pdf.


The Profit Monitor

  • 24/7 Live Market Updates
  • Individual Race By Race Prediction
  • At A Glance updating race analysis right up to live betting market
  • Work Manual pdf.
  • 15 minute Coaching Video


Platinum Area:

Full Video Coaching Suite – Comprising:

  • The Quad Sequencer
  • ABSX-IV Win Methods
  • Target Driven Cross Method Staking
  • The Basic Method Bet
  • Staking & Bank Ratios
  • ABSX Paperwork – Odds Converter & DVI Chart
  • Grey Samuels Staking Plan
  • Group Betting
  • Win Methods

Plus: The Quad Sequencer

  • Revolutionary Stake & Bet Management Technique
  • Simple Interactive Software
  • Use race by race to sky rocket profits
  • Instruction Work Manual pdf.
  • 15 minute Coaching Video

Plus: ABSX Gold

A Master Class in Place Betting via The Place Master

  • 4 Lesson pdf. Series
  • 15 minute Coaching video
  • Accumulator Staking Tool
  • Automated Daily Selections
  • Unique Interactive Selection Toolkit

Place Master Groups

Every day The Place Master will drill into the race cards and make four groups of potential selections. These selections will be based on the criteria given in pdf. Lesson Series

Place Master Tool

With The Place Master Gold Tool, you can X-ray the days race card and construct bespoke banks of selections using key form criteria, that I have perfected over 10 years.

Plus: ABSX-IV The Irish Machine

  • Every Irish horse race covered
  • Irish Horse Racing Calendar
  • 24/7 updating
  • Printable Daily Racing Grid Version
  • Interactive Dashboard & Portal to essential daily racing information
  • Individual Race Scores & Profile Summary
  • Selections in seconds
  • Introduction Manual pdf.

Plus: The X-IV Profit Monitor

  • 24/7 Live Market Updates
  • Individual Race By Race Prediction
  • At A Glance updating race analysis right up to live betting market
  • Work Manual pdf.
  • 15 minute Coaching Video

Plus: Auto Bet System X News

  • Regular blog posts from Grey Samuels
  • Advice and information
  • Tips & Analysis
  • Coaching & Motivation
  • Q & A Facility for membership
  • Leave Comments

Plus: ABSX Forum

Dedicated Members Forum

  • Fully Interactive
  • Network with other members
  • Post questions
  • Write to Grey
  • Start Your Own Topics

So What is ‘The Machine’?

Well, it is not some devilishly difficult piece of software that you need to have an IQ of 170 to work. It is a simple and accessible working platform that has been built intuitively from my own day to day betting experience. A lot of software out there; well they are all just too complex for practicality.

The Machine is different. It is a totally unique tool that will enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities are, on any day or evening race card.

It will generate easy to use, yet pivotal direction to your daily bets and position you to significantly lever up your profits.

It is so simple to use that as long as you are able to read this document, then you are fully qualified to use it.

When The Machine is integrated with Bet To Win  methodology and suite of ‘win methods’, you will be poised to enter regular profitability every day of the week.

  • The Machine fully automates the generation of all statistics and percentages relevant to Auto Bet System X. That is, all the race selection data as outlined in the ABSX Basic Method document. This means you just ‘press a button’ and it’s all there

  • It scrutinises and profiles every single race of the day and evening card

  • It will complement and support the profitability of absolutely any style of betting

  • The Machine colour codes and grades the various races, directing you in a non linear way to the strength of the various betting opportunities

  • The Basic Method Machine gives a numerical evaluation of every race on the days card. This provides a further platform for grading the strength of the various betting options and making decisions about the appropriate bet technique

  • It provides a unique ‘value index & profit profile’ (VIP profile), that will indicate the strength of the various betting options available and pinpoint favourable horses and circumstances

  • It drills into the developing betting markets for each race, five times a day and updates on the number of runners, the strength of favourites, the gaps between market leaders, pinpoints market movers and indicates the type of profit you can potentially obtain, from a well placed wager

  • It ‘hot wires’ you into all the relevant websites and provides a phenomenal activity palette and menu of tools, enabling you to maximise your betting performance and interpretation of the days racing

Once you have used The Machine for a few days, trust me, you will never want to be without it.

That is how powerful Bet To Win and The Machine is.

The Grey Samuels Subscription service is not a purchase, it is a shrewd investment.

So why not give it a try and just say ‘Yes, I’ll take it’?



Buy Super Gold

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