Pippa’s Machine Focus

The purpose of the Machine at Bet to Win is to identify the races where the Favourites have the highest probability of winning the race. I have collated the data from the machine and analysed it in detail to find combinations of different coloured races, scores, number of runners and so on, whereby different types of bets have an 80% + chance of winning. This is what the selections are based on. This is an organic approach and changes and adapts depending on what happens over time. The strike rate for the Machine Focus to date hovers around 80%.

What types of bets will you place?
• FP = Favourite place
• FW = Favourite win
• 2FP = Second favourite to place
• BMD = The top 2 favourites as a dutch bet
• T3D = The top 3 favourites as a dutch bet
• T4D = The top 4 favourites as a dutch bet
• FP & 2FP dutch = Dutching the top two favourites in the place market.
(Be aware that sometimes the order of the favourites is different in the place market than the win market. You need to make sure that the two horses selected in the place market are those that present themselves as favourite in the win market.)

Important points to note:
There are a number of elements you need to be aware of, and due to me posting these selections early in the morning, you will need to make some decisions based on the odds that present themselves later in the day.
If FP odds are less than 1.15, the bet becomes BMD
• If the combined odds of any of the selections are less than 1.15 then the race becomes a No Bet
• If you can add an extra horse into the selection then do
• If 2FP runners become less than 8 then the race become a No Bet

Staking Machine settings should be:
• Pro Staking Selected
• Initial % to Bet is 1%
• The Divisor is set at 1.35

P & G Tips

This has derived from data collected and looks at Purple and Green Non Handicapped races only.  Each day the races to play are posted.

Favourite Place - Pro staking

For this approach the minimum odds to play is 1.15.   In TSM the Pro staking method is selected.  The initial % to Bet is 1% and the Divisor is set at 1.5. All selections are played that fit the criteria.



This is based on the machine stats.  You will need the C20 spreadsheet - download here:


The C20 is an accumulator approach.  After each win some of the money is retained in order that we only bet with the bookies money.  However, if a debit, we continue the sequence.  I know it sounds crazy, however, this works and we can often hit 70% + of our bank within a week.  Each day the results are posted.

The MGrid will show PLAY for the races

Odds to be 1.10 or greater

1.  Are the odds of the favourite <2 in the win market?  If yes then you play FP

2.  If no then a group bet is applied.  I try and group all the horses together until I am at an odds gap of 2.5.  So if the 3rd horse odds are at 4.5 and the 4th horse odds are at 7 I would group the top 3 favourite (T3D).  If however the 3rd horse was at 4.5 and the 4th horse at 6.5 I would then look to make it a T4D.  I would check the gap between the 4th and 5th horse.  I keep doing this process until I am 1.10 combined odds.

3.  If the number of runners drops to 3, then a NB.

4.  In the C20 approach we don't bet just the top two (BMD).  We only bet FP or a group bet of 3 or more.

You need to have a different mentality with this approach.  If you have any concerns - then don't play the bet.  The idea is to win 🙂  There is always another race.
If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please leave a message in the comments box on the page.


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19 thoughts on “Pippa’s Machine Focus

  1. David Ford

    Please advise other TSM Pro Settings for your selections
    e.g. Target Stoploss?
    Do we tick Option 1 or Option 2 if any?
    Readjust Each Time Cumulative Total
    Initial Stake and Target of a New Series is?
    Dave Ford

  2. Pippa

    Hey David – thanks for your question. I don’t put a target stop loss in because when I started at £100, if I had put £20 in, then it would still be at £20 and that would make TSM impossible to work with as it would have continually hit stop loss now and would be running minimum stakes. I do however have a stop loss in mind each day and work with that. It is around 2 days debit, approx 10%. Depending on what the stake being suggested for the beginning of the next day, will depend on whether I control staking level. See today’s post for further details. I use option 2 and the remaining 2 boxes are 100. I hope this is helpful. If you look back over the records and screen prints you will see that I got frustrated at one point in terms of how low some of the stakes were, particularly to begin with in a day. TSM does keep the initial stakes low in order that you are able to rise sufficiently to recoup losses. Yes, it appears low, but it is there for a reason. Re the starting bank – that’s up to you. I began this club with £100. The aim is to reach a professional bank of £10,000. I hope this helps clarify things for you.

  3. Prakash Ravani

    Prakash Ravani
    Hi Sion – Mr Grey is very lucky to get members like you and Pippa and ofcourse LK and Mr Ted as a BRAIN GROUPED GURUS. Particularly, you and Pippa have done very great work to put all the explanation of how progress (how one can easily reach to £100 to £200 a day) in a very short period of time.

  4. steve groves

    hi’ Pippa, do you run the series until you get your desired results, only I noticed there are no coups. would I need the full TSM upgrade and can you adjust your initial stake or would you advise keeping it at 1%. cheers

    1. Pippa

      Bet Angel is a method of placing bets, and it helps work out the combined odds of a dutch bet. TSM is a staking tool which guides you to the best stake to use. Have a read of my guides. If stuck, then get back to me 🙂

  5. Ian Nichols

    Hi Pippa I down loaded the spread sheet the other day and copy and past the machine to the spread sheet my Q is do I overlap yours which I do not think so, so I added it under yours and fill out all what was needed, My problem comes when I run the spread sheet when I run yours it had 214 races in the bottom left corner, and when I added my and run it again lets say FW it would only run yours and NOT the one’s that I added,So some help would be great how ever you started a new system today so your hands will be full, but if you have some time or do I leave this and stay with the new system.

  6. Pippa

    It’s up to you Ian. Selections are given to you, you don’t need to come up with your own. If, however, you are wanting to play with the spreadsheet and find an approach of your own, then using the basis of what you downloaded to do so. I would, however, recommend you understand totally how all the methods on this site work first, before trying your own thing. I had achieved my own professional bank before I began coming up with my own way. This gave me a good foundation on which to build. If you want to add to the spreadsheet, then give me a couple of days and then personal message me and I can try and help iron out the issues with you.

    1. Ian Nichols

      Thank you Pippa I total agree with you there is so munch to learn on this website it going to take me a long time to do them all, again I will take your advice and build up a big bank first,
      keep up the good work
      Ian Nichols

  7. Ian Nichols

    Hello Pippa I have sign up to GRUSS betting assistance and they take excel I wonder if you or any one of the GURU team use GRUSS as a betting tool because it take excel program and I wonder if the horses that you choose can be put into a program of some sort,

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