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Grey Reveals The ‘Knowledge’.. So Back Odds On And Guarantee A Walk To The Pick Up Counter!!

Grey Reveals How To Make Hot Favourite Betting Work!

The very smartest Sportsmen know the secret of profitable 'odds on' betting.

Over the years I have heard countless debates between keen 'sporting types' on this matter.

One Sportsman says 'doom' another Sportsman will say 'gloom' - but the very best of these 'Sportsmen' will say regular and ongoing daily PROFIT!

Let me show you exactly how:

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Being A Racehorse Is Not All Glamour

Grey Calls For Action To Ensure Welfare For All Working Horses

Most of us that follow horse racing professionally, can easily forget that there is a very real emotional side to the welfare of racehorses. Often I stop to think after a big winning day and a jaw droppingly heroic performance from a horse, that the lives of these magnificent animals don't begin and stop during the days race card hours – it is a 24/7365 job.

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