The £500 Quad Club.. £500 to £10,000 in 1 year!

Quad Betting is right at the very heart of Bet To Win. It is a technique that I developed some year's back enabling ultra safe and steady progression to given profit goals.

You can read about it's origins within the Quad Sequencer Document and work with the principles using the Quad Sequencer itself.

What is Quad Betting?

Well we present a group of four races and our 'bet' is that we will find a winner within that group of four races.

We traditionally back them to make 1% of our Capital every successful Quad landed.

Everyday at Bet To Win you will find one or more Quads presented from one or more of the Gurus.

What is The £500 Quad Club?

This Club is based upon the fact, that if you raise £500 by just 2% for the equivalent of 152 betting days, you will be left with a Bank of £10,000! Even more amazing, is by raising a Bank of £100 by just 1% each day, after the equivalent of 533 betting days you will have a bank of over £100,000!

We have a staking tool for this superb, 'slow burn, big fire' approach. It is called The 6 Figure Club Staking Tool  and comes with a Training Video. The 6 Figure Club Staking Tool is one of the very finest pieces of kit within Bet To Win.

Liability Index

Every Quad has an LI given at the end and this tells you how much of your Bank in percentage terms you will debit, should a Quad not be landed. It really is very rare and actions for effective recovery are all featured within The 6 Figure Club Staking Tool. So if a Quad has an LI of 13%, should you be staking to make 1% of your Bank – 13% is the amount of Capital at risk. If you were staking to make 0.5% of your Bank the LI would thus be 6.5%. The Quad Sequencer gives you multiple 'gearing options' of percentages you can stake for.

Other Staking

Last year I gave out Club Bets daily that took £500 to £13,000 in 3 months.

How? Simply by playing the Quads in time order, and continuing until I had made 2% or more.

The Quad bets presented here every day in the £500 Quad Club area, constitute an opportunity of the very strongest kind.

Why not experiment with other styles of staking that are to be found within Bet To Win?


  • LI = Liability Index
  • FW = Favourite Win
  • FP = Favourite Place
  • BMD = Basic Method Dutch (1st & 2nd in the live market)
  • T3D = Top 3 Dutch (1,2,3 in the live market)

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2 thoughts on “The £500 Quad Club.. £500 to £10,000 in 1 year!

  1. steve groves

    Hi LK. Just wondered what the situation was during a Quad when the selections are very close and you can’t get good enough odds on that leg with a BMD or T3D. Do you call that a N/B. If so how would you carry on with that Quad. ? Thanks for your time. Cheers.

  2. Lieutenant K

    I use 1.65 as a minimum price if a bet (at midday when I look at the prices). But its best not to concentrate on odds but the Liability or LI e.g. 1.5, 2.36, 2.36, 2.36 would give you LI 14.7% whereas 2.01, 2.01, 2.01, 2.01 would give you 14.68% (I would pay both those quads as the LI is under 15%). If unsure I have played on e.g. 2.01 played, 2.01 played, next bet 1.6 (look at last bet see its 2.01) so LI is 20% so no bet and played the 4th bet as the 3rd and left the quad open for another bet the next day (looking for odds of about 2.01). Don’t forget the LI I look for and give out is under 15% (when I post the bets at about midday) but because of the price movements they do change, case in point 23rd June 1st quad was LI 14.8% but the actually LI was 9.67% (I took the prices 3 seconds before the off time).

    Hope that helps

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